We assist medium-sized companies with their strategic, operational, financial and capital needs

Where strategy meets finance and where finance meets strategy

We assist medium-sized companies with their strategic, operational, financial and capital needs. Our services are based on the following pillars: Strategy, Restucturing, Corporate Finance and M&A.

Your success is our main drive

We capitalise on your internal resources and knowledge to help you achieve outstanding results. We avoid monopolising the issue and building unnecessary long reports, instead we offer a more hands-on approach where the needed steps to achieve your goals become clear, supported and relatively easy to implement. All of this with engaged professionals serving the mid market at competitive rates.

Added Value

We offer our clients professional advisory services through a pool of independent professionals with top-tier education in combination with the unique advantage of having worked both in the corporate world as well as for leading consultancy and investment banking firms. Backed by a flexible team of specialised partners and advisors, we provide an integrated consulting and corporate finance proposition geared towards creating value.

We offer objective and tailored advisory services and, because we are a group of independent professionals with limited overheads, we offer our services at competitive rates. We adopt a pragmatic and result-driven approach and seek to align our interests to our clients’ success by following our credo that all projects start by partnering with our clients.

Key differentiators

  • Integrated approach executed by a cross-functional and international team
  • Independent consultancy firm
  • Pragmatic and results-driven
  • Extensive track records
  • Unique combination of strategic, operational and corporate finance advice
  • Worked for leading companies across a range of industries
  • Domestic and cross-border project experience and contacts
  • Premium consultancy services at competitive rates
  • Focus solely on projects where we can add value