Our Services

We combine strategy, operations and industry experience with investment banking and transaction execution expertise. This provides us a competitive edge in understanding and communicating key business drivers to potential buyers, sellers and capital providers

Strategy | restructuring

Improve operational performance

  • Assess strategic, operational and processes performance
  • Develop cost reduction and revenue enhancement programmes
  • Identify and implement realistic KPI’s
  • Align programmes and KPI’s to organisational structure
  • Embed the needed cultural transformation to help realise the above

Improve financial performance and control

  • Improve liquidity and cash flow management
  • Develop appropriate management reporting tools

Operational restructuring

  • Assess business potential and viability
  • Identify operational, financial and major improvements
  • Co-develop and assist in the management of respective improvement programmes
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders (e.g. shareholders, banks, tax authorities and creditors)

Business Case Development

  • Identify the “real” problem to be solved and define solution
  • Validate market opportunity
  • Develop strategy
  • Consolidate financials & risks
  • Identify appropriate organisational setup & reward systems

Pre M&A deal services

  • Quick scan analysis
  • Assessment of M&A readiness
  • M&A strategy assessment
  • Strategic and operational support to prepare companies ahead of a sale process